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Featured client: The Shermans (and baby N!)

I was giddy when I learned I was going to be able to work with one of my favorite Seattle families.  One of the reasons I love Betsey is that she was among the first people to welcome us into Seattle with open arms.  We have worked together several times, and it’s always a lovely, [...]

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Featured client: Vanessa and Baby A

Like me, my friend Vanessa is from Venezuela. Our story goes back many years. We attended the same school (from elementary until high school, that’s how it works in Venezuela), partied together, worked in the same company for a few months and then, ended up living in the same city in the United States. I [...]

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Featured client(s): Carly and Aiden

Carly and I have something in common:  we love our nephews with all our hearts.   I could talk “nephews” with her for hours.  I call her “Cardy” because Aiden put this modification of her name in fashion.  In her blog, Wine Princess of Washington, Carly talks about Aiden with pride and joy. She says, [...]

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I’m not a bragger.  In fact, when it comes to talking about myself and my work, I’m rather timid.  I can give you endless hours of passionate conversation about photography, human interaction, culture, imagery and travel.  But when I’m asked a question that requires a self-pat-on-the-back answer, I become mute. Still, the best part of [...]

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Featured client(s): Dfens, KerrieKat and that fluffy little jewel called Amelie

I have a colleague who uses the words “there’s beauty all around us” to name the album where she keeps her beautiful street photography.  I love those words. Very much so.  When I began to edit Amelie, Dan and Kerrie’s (Dfens + KerrieKat) photos, these words kept popping in and floating in my mind.  It [...]

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