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The Traveling Bunny – Photographs by Lili

Today, I am posting a wonderful small body of work that my student Lili submitted as her latest homework.  I cannot express how proud I am of her thoughtful, aesthetically-driven photographs.  They are the result of a very simple task:  take one subject (person/pet) or object, and photograph it at least ten times, from different [...]

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Featured client: Utopia Latin Band

I have a secret I want to share: I am a good dancer.  A seasoned one. Dancing makes my heart pump with joy, and my body feel renewed.  Dancing is usually the “synonym” that pops in my mind when words like happiness, bliss, promise and hope are used around me. Of course, my favorite music [...]

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Featured client: Karrie Kohlhaas

Karrie was one of the first clients to come to my studio in Seattle.  Her session was an upbeat, fast-paced experience, where we talked about people and things that make us laugh, cry, go into deep thoughts and so on. We alternated the good conversation, and the “pose but don’t pose” dynamic that makes studio [...]

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Love, love, love…Valentine’s Day Mini-Promo

Valentine’s Day UPDATE! Valentine’s Day UPDATE! Valentine’s Day UPDATE! Valentine’s Day UPDATE! Valentine’s Day UPDATE! Feeling the love? Well, I am. That’s why I decided to extend this promo until tomorrow, Tuesday 02/16! Two more days to book a mini-photo session. Just read the post for details. If you want to contact me directly do [...]

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Valentina and Ryan get their photos married: Showing together for the first time at the Orange Door Studios Open House

Listening to great stories. Photo by Valentina Vitols. Mexico 2009 Holding the Pulque. Photo by Ryan Bello. Mexico 2009 I am very excited to invite fellow Seattleites to come visit Ryan and I at my studio. Please join us in a wonderful afternoon of art at the Orange Door Studio Open House! The best part [...]

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