Featured client: the fabulous Magdalena Wszelaki, from Yatra Coach

Hello, February 2011!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday time.  We did, soaking up all the beautiful, warm sun in Caracas and having some outstanding time with friends and family and, of course, eating!

I am very happy to have Magdalena Wszelaki from Yatra Coach (my first Brooklyn client!) as the first featured client of 2011. I’ve known Magdalena for a few years now and can vouch for her extensive knowledge about food and health.  I truly respect her insight and feedback when it comes to leading a healthier and still delicious lifestyle!

I truly enjoyed making the photos for her beautiful website.  From the moment we sat down to brainstorm–where she was committed to get THE best, most compelling and honest imagery to go with the content–to our shopping trip for the session, it was a delight to see all the care that Magdalena puts into the process.  It was a true learning experience for me, and I got to enjoy every step of what her clients will get from Magdalena when hiring her.

It is amazing the difference it makes knowing how to read a label properly; or how kale goes better with this or that spice, and how this combination will impact on your digestive system; it’s always good to know what kind of fish you should buy to be good to mother nature and to your body. These and many other things Magdalena got to tell me will make a great impact on your lifestyle and health.

I can’t wait to experience the same fun we had in our shopping trip in Seattle when I visit and use her services in NYC, which I hope will be soon!  Enjoy the fun images.

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Taking a break

To all our dear clients and friends, just a few lines to let you know that, beginning today, we are off for the next few months. I am going home for the holidays and I am using most of this time to devote to personal work/matters. We will be back in February.

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2011.

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Featured client: Kristin, The Urban Geographer

I met Kristin a few months ago when attending a Seattle Mariners game with friends in common.  This smart and beautiful Philadelphia born lady shares a passion for the Phillies with us. Kristin lives in Vancouver, BC, where she is an urban geographer whose passion is finding all of the interesting nooks and crannies of cities all around the world.

As a good Philadelphia daughter, she’s also a fervent fan of  The Eagles.  Even though she was born and raised there,  she has called many places home over the past fifteen years. Still, she’s planning to go back and we are both hoping that I will take her photos in her beloved hometown someday.

We spent a late Summer afternoon walking around Pike Place Market, Post Alley and Harbor Steps, three of my favorite places in town to make outdoor studio work.  Kristin’s versatility came across very strongly throughout the session.  Every photograph shows a different aspect of her personality.  All of these were taken the same day and yet, each one is a true, unique image.

It was very interesting for both of us to work together.  Imagine a geographer, passionate about urban spaces, and a photographer who is in love with every inch of the city she lives in (add to that the baseball love chat, too!).

Match made in heaven, I must say!

Also, there is something very special about the fact that Kristin is a geographer: my beloved Latvian Grandmother, Valentina, was a geographer, too. She studied Geography at the  University of Riga and graduated a few years before they fled the country due to World War II.

What an interesting coincidence, isn’t it?

Enjoy these great and joyful images of this lovely lady.  I am happy and honored to be able to work with people like Kristin.

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#SmallBizSat: Brilliant way to support small businesses…and we are online!

Have you heard about this wonderful initiative?  If you’re not a Twitter lover or you missed it on Facebook, take a look here and here to read about Small Business Saturday happening today, November 27th, for the first time ever.  It’s been a blast to share links and tweets about fellow business owners and their deals with everyone.  It has been a true community oriented support drive!  Not in vain they are calling it “A Big Day for Small Business”.

I am also very proud and happy to announce that the Studio now has an online store!  Click HERE to access to all the Fine Art prints we have for sale now.  Honoring Small Business Saturday and the holiday weekend, we are offering the prints with a 25% off. Our photographs are C-Prints, printed on high-quality Kodak Endura Papers and framed on Nielsen-Bainbridge Artcare frames, one of the world’s leading producers of high quality picture framing products.

Happy shopping!

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SPUN Sustainable Collective Grand Opening is November 10th!

I just said goodbye to Sodo a few weeks ago.  After two years, I decided it was time to move on, and look for a space closer to the city and voila!, it happened that my very talented and good friend Sara, from SPUN, was looking for a space to open a collective at the same time!

Following Sara and her big heart and wonderful idea feels right.  It’s the way to go!  First, I have to say it’s impressive how fast and well she has put the boutique/space together.  It’s chic and beautiful, and I see us SPUNs and our friends making it “the place to be at” in Seattle.  The group of local designers and artists she has gathered is A+ and I’m honored to be part of the collective.  There is nothing about this project that doesn’t excite me to the point of wanting to jump and clap on this post.

The boutique, called  SPUN Sustainable Collective, is having a grand opening soiree on November 10th, 2010, from 6 to 9pm.  Come meet all the artists and designers, have one of two delicious mini hot dogs from PoDog (love it!) and enjoy them with PBR beer brought by our cool neighbor Porchlight Coffee.

Please, take a second to look at the Artists and Designers, and if you might, take another one to look at their websites:

Valentina Vitols Creative Photography (You are here!)
Marian Built
The Raven & The Writing Desk

Join us!  Please RSVP via Facebook or Twitter (@ChooseSpun)

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